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Bouclé Style Guide

We all know that first impressions are important, right? Well we think that is especially true when it comes to the workplace. Your work ‘uniform’ is not only what will inform your colleagues’ first opinions of you, it’s also the way that they will see you for your entire career.

Regardless of the image you want to portray, one thing is clear – consistency is key. Whether you want to emulate strict professionalism, laid-back creativity, or a perfect blend of the two, we will guide you through your work-wear wardrobe with helpful styling tips along the way to help you relay style and confidence in any corporate setting.


Stand out from the standard business palette of black, white and grey and impress with a more unique look. Most people fear colour – particularly in a professional environment - but working with cooler tones that don’t scream out can allow you to highlight the more adventurous side of your personality without the need to rifle through your 80’s neon collection. As we move into Autumn/Winter, a seasonal fabric like bouclé gives you the chance to update this season’s wardrobe and showcase femininity with subtle shades of purple.


Nowadays a full suit in the work place isn’t necessarily a must. Embrace today’s smart-casual style and pair your more traditional office wear with a pair of jeans. Depending on the formality of your look, consider sticking to darker colourways with a tailored fit to keep the look work-appropriate but also relaxed and modern. A zipped jacket rather than a traditional button closure will also modernise your look while staying professional.

--- Picture Three: Bouclé skirt, t-shirt, belt--


An easy way to add dimension to any outfit is to play with textures. Bouclé tweed with its signature loose weave makes it the perfect partner for a tightly woven wool or sumptuous silk. Alternatively, make bouclé the star and integrate basic garments in sharp contrasting colours into your look. Add co-ordinating accessories or jewellery to bring in your own personal flair, a statement belt can set off a simple bouclé skirt/crisp white t-shirt combo perfectly, emphasising a classic feminine silhouette.


When it comes to any wardrobe, versatility is always important. It’s all very well dressing up in your suit to go to work but what about when the clock strikes 5 and Cinderella is ready to go to the ball (or maybe more like a coffee date with a friend/dinner out with the family)? Combining different elements of shape, fit and texture into a sophisticated ensemble raises your look to a new level while allowing it to be easily adapted to suit all of your requirements.

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