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#LittleRedDress To Impress

We all have our own unique facial features and body shapes. So, when it comes to putting an outfit together the silhouette of the look can help to balance out our frames and visually impact our desired image. For the beginning of the year we felt inspired to introduce a new mini collection of six red dresses that are designed with all shapes and sizes in mind. Generally speaking, each dress should flatter any wearer, but we’ve compiled a short summary below of how the style of the dresses can work with your natural body shape to create the perfect silhouette.


Generally, a classic round neck can be worn by almost every silhouette. The neckline draws attention to the collarbone which can balance out a thick neck while making the shoulders appear wider which makes it very flattering for women with narrow shoulders. The overall simplicity makes the dress versatile, allowing it to be dressed up or dressed down. For women with athletic body types or smaller chests, the higher cut of the neckline draws the eye upward away from the bust. This also makes the dress well suited for bustier ladies who want to disguise their large bust area. The curvy neckline also rounds the chin which gives a more feminine shape to the face.


The asymmetric v-shaped neckline on these dresses gives a vertical impression to the outfit creating a leaner, longer and taller silhouette. This style of neckline is universally flattering for all figures as it can balance out the natural proportions of the figure. The neckline draws the eye upward to the face to enhance the neck, but the asymmetric tapering hem elongates the body and nicely frames the hips by slimming the thighs. Particularly for figures with broad shoulders, short necks or fuller torsos, this silhouette is a sound investment, but whether you’re petite, skinny, or fuller figured, the contemporary cut flatters almost every body shape.


The décolletage (upper chest a shoulder region) of the female form is often forgotten about when it comes to fuller figures, but leaving it bare visually elongates the face and provides a proportional balance to the overall silhouette. Both of these dresses form a flattering break high over the breasts which is why it works well in accentuating the cleavage and is perfect for large busted ladies. With the base of the neck being bare, these dresses also allow a lot of room to play with styling different necklaces, a more traditional necklace can bring a sophisticated edge to the overall look, or why not experiment with more playful accessories to introduce some whimsical flare.


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