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Road to the Highland Show #1

It’s that time of year again - Royal Highland Show time!

Usually by now we’re in a mad panic frantically trying to pull things together but this year with just under a month to go, we’re pleased to say we’re on top of things (at least we think so!)

Now don’t get me wrong, there’s still plenty to do and we’re by no means close to the finish line, but we’re working through our to-do list quite happily. In fact, we’re feeling confident enough this year to take you all along for the roller coaster ride that is getting prepared for our biggest annual event. So, safety belts on, keep your arms inside at all times and enjoy the ride (and remember we don’t want to go faster so let’s keep screaming to a minimum!)

This will be our third year at the Royal Highland Show, and I think we’re all amazed at how far we’ve come in such a short amount of time. Looking back now on our first year we really started small; we had a 3x3m stand in the National Sheep Association (NSA) Marquee, we only had one rail to showcase our entire range, and as far as a sales team went any and all family that were free were enlisted to man the stand!

On reflection, one of our biggest problems in previous years has been our use of the available space. In our first year we had no changing room, no real storage, and everything was a bit crammed together which made it difficult to display our garments.

Last year, we made huge steps forward by building a make-shift changing room that worked out ok (but not great) and we made a bit of an attempt at a storage area (we also had a much bigger stand which is always handy!) But we still didn’t quite manage to have the overall slick appearance that we were aiming for.

This year we’re aiming to construct a solid changing room with an actual door (hopefully) and a mini stock room so our sales team can go and collect product without having to take on a precarious pile of boxes - after all our motto is ‘comfort, style, luxury’ and there’s nothing comfortable about bending over backwards to fish a jacket out of a box while holding four other boxes out the way with your foot!

Over the past few weeks we’ve been working hard sending final sample garments to be photographed and we can’t wait for you all to see the pictures - or even better the garments themselves if you’re paying us a visit at the show.

So, while we were waiting for garments to come back, we had our annual meeting with our printers (and very good friends) Jay and Simon from Multiprint to discuss some changes and additions to our catalogue and some new displays we’ve been thinking about. Now they’re off to start work on getting everything printed and we’re going start finalising the layout of this year’s stand taking into account all of the lessons we’ve learned that are listed above and a few that aren’t.

So be sure to keep checking back in the coming weeks to keep up to date with our progress on the journey to the Highland Show, and don’t forget to subscribe to our mailing list to be kept up to date with all the exciting developments along the way!

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